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About us

Ukrainian Center for Social Data is an analytical, development, and training NGO,  established in Kyiv in 2015.

We have implemented over 15 projects in data collection, processing, and analysis, web systems development, in the areas of electoral statistics, medical statistics and healthcare data, judicial statistics, gender and administrative data, electronic document management, open data and fostering culture of data among media, NGOs, and government officials.

Our donors and partners include USAID, OSCE, International Renaissance Foundation, UNDP, National Endowment for Democracy, State Statistics Service of Ukraine, National Health Service of Ukraine, and others.


We strive to create a society of smart decisions. A society in which politicians, business, the public would make informed decisions based on data from different spheres that adequately reflect reality. To do this, we:

  • collect, systematize, clean and structure data sets;
  • prepare analytical reports based on comprehensive data analysis;
  • raising the culture of working with data among experts and the public;
  • develop systems (including geoinformation) for convenient and visual presentation of data, on-line tools for working with data.


We carry out custom research, analytical projects using open (and no-so-open) data (electoral, medical, judicial, etc.)


We develop systems for convenient and visual representation of data, online (and offline) tools for working with data, complex websites.


We develop and conduct tailored training programs on working with data: obtaining, cleaning, analyzing, publishing.


Email: inbox@socialdata.org.ua
Ukraine, 02218, Kyiv, 4 Raiduzhna St.


Serhij Vasylchenko

Head of the Board

Well-known Ukrainian electoral geographer, expert in the sphere of elections, administrative reform, geoinformation systems, electronic document management systems.

Andriy Gorbal

Executive Director

Holds MA in Sociology and MSc in Media Management, over 20 years of professional experience of managing projects: research, information and public education, web development, training.

Renat Nasridinov

Data analyst, programmer

Expert on processing, cleaning, structuring, and analysis o data. Trainer, open data adventist, participant of the National network of open data trainers. Over 13 years experience in State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

Kateryna Potapenko

Financial Manager

Experience professional in accounting and audit, 6 years of professional experience in Tax Administration, and 13 years in audit practice.

Andriy Protsiuk


Developer of web applications and interactive visualizations, researcher of demography and electoral geography.

Zhanna Forosenko


Developer of web systems and databases, expert on geoinformational systems.

Vitaliy Perepelytsia


Designer, web designer, developer of interfaces.

Anatoliy Nehelia


Programmer, developer of web applications, front end.

Vitaliy Kazakov


Programmer, web developer, system administrator.

Andriy Gazin


Expert on data visualization and data journalism.

Oksana Sydoruk


Sociologist, trainer, СІМ PD, over 15 years of professional experience in social and marketing research, expert in communication research.

Vitaliy Muzh


Expert in spheres of consumer sociology, marketing, futurology.

Donors and partners